Reliance Arcade

Reliance Arcade is a thoroughfare found in Brixton, South London, lined with small booths acting as shop fronts, where you can find keycutters & travel agents to barbers & wig shops; these are some of the faces to be found there.

One of the individuals was Jay, a 74 year old man working as a cobbler & keycutter in Reliance Arcade:

Where were you born?

Kisumu, Kenya, in 1941. I came to the UK via India a few decades later.

How long have you worked in Reliance Arcade?

The last 10 years or so, having moved to the Lambeth area twenty years ago. Before that I had a store on the Old Kent Road.

What piece of advice would you give to the younger generation? 

Take care, listen to your parents & life will be okay!

What’s your favourite song or type of music?

I don’t follow music, or have a favourite song per say, but I listen to religious chants and mantras. I’m Hindu, but also every religion… God is One, we are One.

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